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SABRE Reception & Dinner

The headquarters of 208 (Liverpool)

Field Hospital (Volunteers) in Childwall, was the venue for the Merseyside reception and dinner on 23rd March. More than 100 employer guests and hosts from the Field Hospital and other Merseyside reserve units were welcomed to the unit by the Commanding Officer, Colonel Peter Jackson late RADC. The Lord Lieutenant of Merseyside, Dame Lorna Muirhead, then welcomed the guest of honour, Mr. David Anderson MP, PPS to the Minister for the Armed Forces. Mr Anderson amused the audience by recounting tales of his own background and military connections. He told of his own father's attempts at joining the RAF during the Second World War. After 3 days, his father was told that he would be more use back down the pit digging coal than to the RAF.

Mr. Anderson, speaking on behalf of the Minister, emphasised the importance of the Reserve element of the Armed Forces. He stated that Volunteer Reserve Forces were an integral part of the military and their use was vital in all operations being undertaken by the Government. He heaped fulsome praise on employers who support their Reservist employees for both training and mobilisation; commenting upon how difficult it must be to run any organisation with absentees. He aid credit to the employers in the audience who manage their oganisations effectively and allowed their employees to partake in this very worthwhile second career. Colonel David Atkinson, Deputy Brigade Commander, thanked him for being the principal guest and for the positive message he had sent to all employers of Reservists, not only those present at the dinner. Mr. Anderson then presented Supportive Employer Certificates to representatives of 10 Merseyside oganisations.

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