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Introduction Domestic Edge Camera Technology

CCTV can deliver enormous benefits to your organisation. It enables you to monitor, supervise and protect your staff and customers, acts as a huge deterrent against crime and anti social behaviour, and at the touch of a button, can provide the police with vital evidence.

McGoff & Vickers (Fire & Security Systems) are experts in the provision of high quality CCTV systems, using the most advanced camera and monitor technology to display high-definition images during daylight hours and at night. We can also design a thoroughly networked CCTV system over your existing computer, or remotely via broadband.

CCTV in the modern age is a superior product, whether you choose an analogue system or digital. However, it's important to install a system that is right for you. McGoff & Vickers (Fire & Security Systems) can undertake a complete survey of your premises and design, install and test a suitable system within your budget. Systems can be overt to act as a deterrent, or covert to provide quality surveillance, both externally and internally.

Hospitals, schools and universities, industrial and commercial premises, retail stores - whatever your line of business, CCTV provides peace of mind. As an NSI Gold Standard approved installer, all our work is carried out to the strictest standards.

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