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Agility™ 3

Agility™ 3 is a state-of-the-art 2-way wireless alarm system designed for the residential and small business markets that provides more than a standard home security system.

The system supports visual verification with a self monitoring Smartphone app (also available via web browser) which enables homeowners to control their alarm systems remotely as well as view real-time images taken inside their premises with a wireless PIR camera detector which communicates with the Cloudserver.

In the event of an alarm, the PIR camera is automatically activated and captures a sequence of images which it sends to users via a Smartphone/ web Application. This capability enables users to view the images and confirm if there is a crime in progress.

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The Enforcer is a High Security Compact Two Way Wireless Burglar Alarm used by professional Installers.

The two way wireless technology is a vital part of the system that keeps it safe and reliable, and in turn provides a major advantage to the installation in both looks and disruption caused by the older traditional wired systems.

Each device on the Enforcer is a transmitter and a receiver, offering greater security and reliability than inferior products and because it complies to all the relevant industry standards and is fitted by McGoff & Vickers Fire and Security Systems to NSI Gold standards the monitoring station will pass any confirmed activation to the police. (subject to contract)

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