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A remote monitoring facility provides improved site management and security 24 hours a day. Much more effective than a simple audible-only intruder alarm, a McGoff & Vickers (Fire & Security Systems) remote monitoring system is connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) allowing you to view live action or respond to a request to open gates or doors.

If your premises contain high value goods, it is vital that you consider this option - many insurance companies insist on it. The police, too, insist that a monitored alarm system must be able to provide a 'confirmed alarm activation'. Should a second detection device be triggered, the police class this as a 'confirmation' and will act accordingly.

McGoff & Vickers (Fire & Security Systems) offer a wide range of remote monitoring systems to meet the needs of your business. These include:

   • BT redcare (link to BT redcare website) regarded as the world's
     most secure state-of-the-art alarm monitoring network

   • BT redcare GSM (link to BT redcare website), the only dual-signalling
     system that continuously monitors both primary and secondary paths

   • DualCom, a fully monitored
     remote signalling facility which uses your existing telephone line

   • Digital Communicator - a signal is sent to the ARC via an ordinary
     telephone line when the alarm is activated.

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